Hi There, I'm Eddie.


I cannot abide speaking about myself the third person so let's just dispense with that right now.  Ah!  So much better!

I am not going to pretend that someone else wrote glowing things about me so that I appear detached from the voice on this page enumerating the various qualities that might convince you to hire me for your next project.  Furthermore, who is saying those things anyway?  Me.  I am saying those things.  Which begs the question...

So who the hell is this guy?  

Good question, glad that you asked.  I was born in New York City and I am currently living in Brooklyn. I used to think that I would live and die in New York without ever leaving but once I discovered that there was a world beyond The Hudson and East rivers I became obsessed with visiting it and taking its picture.   

I'll speak as directly to you here as I will when we meet face to face to discuss your ideas and projects.  I am a technically sophisticated polyglot with a wild creative streak.  When you work with me what you get is a detail oriented creative with a wide gamut of interests and a surprising depth of expertise across those interests.  I am as comfortable crafting a precision lighting scheme in the studio as I am reacting to real world conditions in the the field.  I find my passion in the balancing act of both the technical and creative aspects of photography.  


Twitter / Facebook / bestphotographer@email.com